Putting Drills We have all had our share of 30-40 foot putts, but how often do you miss those tough 6-10 foot putts? I have been golfing for 14 years and up until 2 years ago i was still 3 putting some holes. Driving straight and far is great, but what really matters is the […]


Learning the perfect technique to drive a golf ball far and straight can be a challenging task. Learning this technique can take time, a lot of practice and consistent practice to become effective at hitting this club. The reason why the driver is the toughest club to hit is because it is the longest club […]


Sometimes no matter how much golf you play and how often you try to change your game, the one part that can get you down can be your swing. Here are a few simple tips that can make a world of difference on your game, you’ll have everyone impressed! 3 Simple Steps to Perfect Golf […]

Step by Step Golf Swing

Swinging a golf club properly is one of the most essential aspects of playing golf.  It takes time to perfect a golf swing and is not an easy process but can be perfected with practice. When you first swing a golf club you maybe be nervous of many things such as making an embarrassing swing […]