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Do You Need Golf Lessons from a Pro?

Many golf enthusiasts spend a lot of their hard-earned money on golfing equipment and apparel but sadly at the expense of proper instruction.  Most of them have been led to believe that proper instruction is not worth any cash, time, and effort. After all, there is golf on TV which you can watch, and your friends can give you a tip or two while chatting or when on the golf course. Sadly, this is a very mistaken and short-sighted perception because when you win one golf round bed, you can be able to cater for all the missed instructions and lessons.

There is an overabundance of golfing accessories such as videos and books, and it is still very possible to learn to golf on the golf channel, and on TV. Most golfers have embraced this bad habit of learning golf from instructional aides. This, however, is a reflection of how golfers yearn for this game, especially during the cold winter season. Also, it is a reflection of just how prevalent this bad habit of learning golf has become and the worst thing is that once this habit is mastered, like any other bad habit like smoking alcoholism, it is very hard to kick the habit.

However, in golf, you can only go as far as teaching yourself the skills from a golfing book or tutorial. It is more like someone try to master public speaking skills by watching their presentations on a video camera. Evaluating yourself, particularly with golfers, is one of the toughest things to do even more so when you have to combine your ego and frustration of learning golf.

You can learn golf by watching your friends play, or them teaching you, nothing is wrong with this because many people start this way anyway. Certainly, if no one was there to show some golfers the basics, few would ever be able to pick and master the sport. Sadly, unless your friend trainer is a professional golfer, you can end up mastering everything but their poor golf swing habits which needless to mention limits their golfing experience. Additionally, your friend may not be the most patient teacher in the world or may lack the vital teaching skills required to teach this game. You know how important a golf gift is to your child, giving them a golf gift on a special day, which will let your golf friend know your friendships for them and let them get emotional Satisfaction.

The saddest part about learning golf is that if you don’t learn correctly from the start from a pro golfer or an actual golf instructor, you will forever be struggling with poor golf habits which you will rapidly have been mastered and which you will find very hard to unlearn. If you continue in golfing, there will come a time when you will be forced to pay for real lessons to help get rid of these bad golfing habits. It is therefore only logical to learn properly from the start. This way, you will experience fewer frustrations on your way up the golfing field and more enjoyment on the course.

This is also a financially viable option because as is with anything else today, it is quite expensive to fix a problem than it is to prevent its occurrence in the first instance. Additionally, your golfing game and reputation will be great from the beginning much less putting your ego to test and frustrating you all the more. With prior training you will have a greater experience on the golf course, you will feel more confident when taking a round of golf with your golf buddies, you will be at ease when on the links and more importantly, you will enjoy your time on the course and have better memories to last you a lifetime.


Learning the perfect technique to drive a golf ball far and straight can be a challenging task. Learning this technique can take time, a lot of practice and consistent practice to become effective at hitting this club. The reason why the driver is the toughest club to hit is that it is the longest club in the bag which makes it the most difficult one to control.

If you consistently hit your driver straight then in time you will also hit the ball further! Crooked drives do not go very far so the first step in hitting a driver further is to focus on accuracy first. You need to develop a swing that consistently strikes the golf ball solidly.

By focusing on accuracy, and hitting the ball and following through, the distance will come. Golfers tend to experience a large problem when they try to put everything they have into a swing without mastering the technique. By learning to control the club and master a relaxed and accurate swing you will begin to see a major improvement.

In order to control the club you should use your muscles and strength to support the club, but allow the club to do the work. Also focusing on your stance and balance will help you achieve a straighter drive. When using a driver, you should put your golf ball near your left foot. To hit the ball straight you need to bring your backswing straight back and straight down through the ball. You do not want to rush your swing!

Helpful Hints:

  1. Take to the practice ground and lay out two rows of seven tee pegs, spaced about an inch apart. Make sure the two rows of tee pegs are parallel to each other and have them about eight inches apart.
  2. Place one tee peg in the middle of the two rows.
  3. Practice swinging the driver through the corridor of tee pegs. If the pattern of pegs is spoiled, noticing where it has spoiled will help you take corrective action.
  4. Once you can swing consistently through the tee pegs without knocking any down, put a golf ball on the tee peg in the middle of the formation. Recreate the smooth swing you have been practising. Do not try and smash the ball, just concentrate on swinging the club as smoothly as possible.


Sometimes no matter how much golf you play and how often you try to change your game, the one part that can get you down can be your swing. Here are a few simple tips that can make a world of difference on your game, you’ll have everyone impressed!

3 Simple Steps to Perfect Golf Swing:

  1. The first and most important tip to help you improve your golf swing comes from the famous David Nevogt. David says a simple way to improve your swing is to get the correct positioning; your body should be lined up in a line with the flag. Some people find it helpful to draw and an imaginary line between the ball and flag then putting the clubs facing towards it before standing parallel to the line. Perfecting the stance is crucial to improving your golf swing.
  2. Make sure you are holding the club with the appropriate grip. Most people are right-handed and the club should be positioned so that it fits under the heel of the left palm with the shaft lying across the tip of your finger. The left little finger is wrapped around the grip making the club unable to move. The right-hand grips should have your hang wrapping it over your left thumb gripping the club in the same way you would shake someone’s hand.
  3. Last but not least you need to make sure to swing through the ball rather than at it because that will result in a noticeably better swing. Practice when you are about to hit your ball place a golf tee in the ground around 7 to 9 inches in front of your ball, then when you swing to try to hit the golf tee and the golf ball.

These techniques will give you a noticeably better swing and the confidence you need to turn heads!

Putting Drills

We have all had our share of 30-40 foot putts, but how often do you miss those tough 6-10 foot putts? I have been golfing for 14 years and up until 2 years ago, I was still 3 putting some holes. Driving straight and far is great, but what really matters is the short game. If you’re having as hard a time as I was with putting then try this simple drill for erasing 3-putt from your vocabulary.

First, find a green. Try to find one that has a large flat area surrounding the hole. Place a ball 1 foot from the hole. Aim for the back rim of the hole (better to go a little far, than short) and putt it in. This may be easy, but it will get more difficult as you go. Now place a ball 2 feet from the hole, and change the direction of the putt by placing it several feet to the left or right of the first shot. Again, aim for the back rim of the whole, and putt it in. Do this 18 times, placing every ball a foot farther from the hole than the one before. The longest shot in the drill should be 18 feet, but of course, you can extend it out to whatever distance you might like. The goal is to do this entire drill, and no more than 2 putts each different shot. So it should be completed in 36 shots. This replicates a full 18 hole game of golf. Now just bring the technique from the drill to the course, and you’ll be showing your buddies up in no time.


Step by Step Golf Swing

Swinging a golf club properly is one of the most essential aspects of playing golf.  It takes time to perfect a golf swing and is not an easy process but can be perfected with practice. When you first swing a golf club you maybe are nervous of many things such as making an embarrassing swing in front of others. Golfers all start with little to no experience and being embarrassed by something you are not good at is natural.

You can instantly improve your golf swing with these three simple steps that cover the backswing, downswing and the follow through and impact.

Step by Step Golf Swing

Step #1: The Backswing
The backswing is the part of the swing where you bring your golf club back before you bring it forward to make an impact with the ball. This part of the swing you must focus on the rotation of your body and the extension of your arm. Having your front elbow straight and your back elbow bent at around 90 degrees will help you have a fluid and smooth backswing.

Step #2: Down Swing
Surprisingly, the important part that makes a perfect downswing starts with your legs. You must move your knees, then your thighs and hips as your transfers the weight from back to form. Doing this will make you be able to hit the ball with more power and more smoothly.

Step #3: The follow through and impact
This is where you have an impact on the golf ball. Your golf club must form a straight light with your forward arm. Transfer your weight forward to the outside of your forward heel and the inside to your back heel. Your writers and hands should rotate so that the golf club grip points towards where you want to hit the ball. Doing this should make your elbows bend and wrists rotate putting the head of the golf club behind you.

By following these 3 steps this should give you a perfect golf swing with practice.