Putting Drills

We have all had our share of 30-40 foot putts, but how often do you miss those tough 6-10 foot putts? I have been golfing for 14 years and up until 2 years ago i was still 3 putting some holes. Driving straight and far is great, but what really matters is the short game. If you’re having as hard a time as i was with putting then try this simple drill for erasing 3-putt from your vocabulary. First, find a green. Try to find one that has a large flat area surrounding the hole. Place a ball 1 foot from the hole. Aim for the back rim of the hole (better to go a little far, than short) and putt it in. This may be easy, but it will get more difficult as you go. Now place a ball 2 feet from the hole, and change the direction of the putt by placing it several feet to the left or right of the first shot. Again, aim for the back rim of the whole, and putt it in. Do this 18 times, placing every ball a foot farther from the hole than the one before. The longest shot in the drill should be 18 feet, but of course you can extend it out to whatever distance you might like. The goal is to do this entire drill, and no more than 2 putt each different shot. So it should be completed in 36 shots. This replicates a full 18 hole game of golf. Now just bring the technique from the drill to the course, and you’ll be showing your buddies up in no time.