Learning the perfect technique to drive a golf ball far and straight can be a challenging task. Learning this technique can take time, a lot of practice and consistent practice to become effective at hitting this club. The reason why the driver is the toughest club to hit is because it is the longest club in the bag which makes it the most difficult one to control.

If you consistently hit your driver straight then in time you will also hit the ball further! Crooked drives do not go very far so the first step in hitting a driver further is to focus on accuracy first. You need to develop a swing that consistently strikes the golf ball solidly.

By focusing on accuracy, and hitting the ball and following through, distance will come. Golfers tend to experience a large problem when they try to put everything they have into a swing without mastering the technique. By learning to control the club and master a relaxed and accurate swing you will begin to see a major improvement.

In order to control the club you should use your muscles and strength to support the club, but allow the club to do the work. Also focusing on your stance and balance will help you achieve a straighter drive. When using a driver, you should put your golf ball near your left foot. To hit the ball straight you need to bring your backswing straight back and straight down through the ball. You do not want to rush your swing!

Helpful Hints:

1. Take to the practice ground and lay out two rows of seven tee pegs, spaced about an inch apart. Make sure the two rows of tee pegs are parallel to each other and have them about eight inches apart.

2. Place one tee peg in the middle of the two rows.

3. Practice swinging the driver through the corridor of tee pegs. If the pattern of pegs is spoiled, noticing where it has spoiled will help you take corrective action.

4. Once you can swing consistently through the tee pegs without knocking any down, put a golf ball on the tee peg in the middle of the formation. Recreate the smooth swing you have been practicing. Do not try and smash the ball, just concentrate on swinging the club as smoothly as possible.