Swinging a golf club properly is one of the most essential aspects of playing golf.  It takes time to perfect a golf swing and is not an easy process but can be perfected with practice. When you first swing a golf club you maybe be nervous of many things such as making an embarrassing swing in front of other. Golfers all start with little to no experience and being embarrassed of something you are not good at is natural.

You can instantly improve your golf swing with these three simple steps that covers the backswing, down swing and the follow through and impact.

Step by Step Golf Swing

Step #1: The Backswing
The backswing is the part of the swing where you bring your golf club back before your bring it forward to make impact with the ball. This part of the swing you must focus on the rotation of your body and the extension of you arm. Having your front elbow straight and your back elbow bent at around 90 degrees will help you have a fluid and smooth backswing.

Step #2: Down Swing
Surprisingly, the important part that makes a perfect downswing starts with your legs. You must move you knees, then your thighs and hips as your transfers the weight from back to from. Doing this will make you be able to hit the ball with more power and more smoothly.

Step #3: The follow through and impact
This is where you have impact with the golf ball. Your golf club must form a straight light with your forward arm. Transfer your weight forward to the outside of your forward heel and the inside to your back heel. Your writers and hands should rotate so that the golf club grip points towards where you want to hit the ball. Doing this should make your elbows bend and wrists rotate putting the head of the golf club behind you.

By following these 3 steps this should give you a perfect golf swing with practice.